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United States
Hey! I'm Paula, however I typically go by Gloomy. For those who know me from :iconmewmoondeathneko:, I don't mind being referred to as Yui. I like to watch anime, play video games, bake pastries, and of course, draw. I also have this habit of making characters but most of them aren't displayed online. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my art. I'm still a beginner and am open to tips, critique, 'n such.

awesome friends of mine:

Artists that inspire me (this is only part of a giant list):

Offline (RL) friends:

I currently do not take commission and may very rarely ask for requests. Art Trades are only for friends.
Tagged by :iconfoxmuppet:

1. Pick a character you've created. 
2. Answer the questions as if you are that character
3. Tag 4 people: :iconypoolnipop::iconichinisanchi:, and :icon32x1000:

Going with Gloomy, Ayaka, and Yui 

1. What is your name? 

Gloomy:  hi, im gloomy.
Yui: Hey I'm Yui~!
Ayaka: And I'm Ayaka +3o

2.Do you know why you were named that?
its kinda more like a nickname that just became a name.
Yui: Gods I really dont know.  My last name has some connection to this "birthmark" on my back since it's this giant crescent moon and that's in the sky.. I just noticed how cheesy this sounds
Ayaka: I'm assuming cause the meaning sounded all pretty and stuff

3. Single or taken?
Yui: Taken~!
Ayaka: Also taken +uo

4. Have any abilities or powers?
Gloomy: i can sleep for an ungodly amount of hours and still feel sleep deprived, but no not really
Yui: I can use witchcraft and wield this average size scythe pretty well
Ayaka: Ooh ooh ooh~! I have a bunch of these neato cards that i can activate magical stuff with like monsters or healing properties. It's cooler than it sounds. I can also wield two less than average sized scythes in an okay manner

5. What's your eye color?
a really dark purple
Yui: My right eye is purple and the other is blue! I like it. It's kinda starry
Ayaka: Bright green!!

6. Hair?
Yui: Also brown
Ayaka: Blonde

7.  Family members?
i have a mom and dad somewhere
Yui: I have an older sister named Hoshi. There's also Shadow. I dont know what to call her but we just assume she's related to us in some way. Kira exists too but her relation to us is a little complicated. She's like a distant mom that we didnt know about until recently since Hoshi and I technically dont have parents. It's all jumbled but I'm ok with it. (( Yui also has two kids in my rp universe withIchinisanchi but I kinda keep that to said universe and not so much on here. ))
Ayaka: Well, I have a mom and a dad and two sisters back at home. One's older and the other is younger. I honestly haven't seen them in quite a while... I dont want to go in depth with it

8. Any pets?
no, that requires money that i dont have
Yui: Uh yes and no? We're all mainly animal freaks. Like cat people and stuff, so in a sense?
Ayaka: When I lived with my family I had a golden retriever but it ran away after 6 years of owning it

9. Now tell me something you don't like.
ive meant a lot of mean people. i didnt like them. i also despise pop and rap music. i also hate being tired but i always am
Yui: A bunch of rude ass people my gods. Especially Kage, other than my ship with him and Rose, he can go die
Ayaka: Veggies cause they're gross and every other GiRl out there

10. Have any hobbies or activities you like to do?
Gloomy: i draw sometimes or play piano. or look at the sky during certain periods of the day. but most of the time im just sleeping
Yui: sex. But seriously I like to just run around outside with the others and fight these weird ass creatures we usually find. I dont know who the hell makes those things
Ayaka: I'll paint every now and then. Other times I pace around in circles outside when I'm bored and we're not "journeying the world" or whatever

11. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?
no not as far as im aware, just myself
Yui: As said with the last question, we fight people sometimes so yes I've kicked a lot of ass before.
Ayaka: Same thing as Yui. I've also hurt people for other reasons but that's a secret

12. Ever killed anyone before?
no, i have no one im willing to kill and itd take a lot of effort and trouble anyways
Yui: Once again. I've kicked a lot of ass. That also means I've killed a lot of ass too. I usually dont think much of it but it'll haunt me every now and then. I try not to think too hard on the subject
Ayaka: Yup yup~!

13. What kind of animal are you?
im a cat as you could possibly see
Yui: I'm literally a cat. Like ears and a tail and all that not really furry shit
Ayaka: I'm not a furry like the others +uo If I were an animal I think I'd be a dog. Like a little dog. One that runs around and yaps all the time. Yeah. That would be me

14. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Gloomy: no
Yui: Yeah my sister. And Shadow a bit too. Like, Hoshi is always just so nice and doing things for everyone, even those everyone else hates. If Kage just showed up at our house without any murderous intent, she'd be the only one out of all of us that could still hold a smile and offer him a drink. Everyone looks up to her like a mom and I envy that positivity she gives everyone sometimes. Shadow has become a little mom like too recently. Things started out pretty rough with her in terms of our relationship but she's changed quite a bit for the better. All I ever really was was this edgy ass little girl who grow up to be the bad influence she is now.
Ayaka: Naito. He's all cool and stuff and everyone goes on about how weird I am since I cant keep quiet and I just run about.

15. Name your worst weakness?
im usually tired. really tired. im also kinda slow
Yui: I'm not as fast as I try to be. Especially if I'm using a scythe. That thing is heavy. And white magic isnt my specialty so I cant heal myself or others that great like Hoshi can. I also have a weakness for cute girls. Just saying
Ayaka: Sometimes I have a temper I cant really hold back. Apparently it's kinda scary when I do. Fighting wise, I'm physically not that strong without my cards and there are still some cards I'm attempting to get the hang of

16. What's your orientation?
Yui: I can hit on anyone, any time~!
Ayaka: Straight but some girls look pretty. Not sure if I swing that way too or what but I'm mostly straight I guess

17. Do you go to school?
i graduated high school
Yui: Nah, it's not really my thing. Hoshi would try to tutor me sometimes though when we were little.
Ayaka: I did but stopped at high school when I ran away from home.

18. Ever want to marry or have kids someday
getting married sometimes sounds nice but i dont want any kids
Yui: Yeah, Hoshi ended up having kids and she seems happy. I think Citrine would like kids too.
Ayaka: I'd like to get marry but I'm not really sure about kids. It just seems painful

18. Do you have fangirls or fanboys?
Yui: Well of course! Who doesnt love this?
Ayaka: If I do, nobody is open about it so I dunno

19. What are you most afraid of?
the only real friend i have. hes annoying sometimes but he tries to make me happy
Yui: The cliche answer of my family and friends. I've grown up with a lot of people and they're pretty important to me. The shit we do is risky business so I try to be thankful that they're all here right now
Ayaka: Spiders. Spiders are gross. Naito also told me Kage and them are really scary but they dont really phase me. I just take his word for it

20. What do you usually wear?
a shirt, jacket, and pants. all dark colors. its comfy
Yui: I like things with dark colors and on the more revealing side. I'd probably go naked if Citrine was ok with it and my tits didnt require me to wear a bra most of the time. Too bad it doesnt work that well with fighting people though
Ayaka: A loose shirt, shorts, thigh high socks and suspenders. Suspenders are fun and cool

21. One food that tempts you?
Gloomy: i like a lot of pastries like cookies and cakes
Yui: I like sweets every now and then but I dont eat them that often
Ayaka: I like steaks, medium rare, when its all juicy and stuff with a dollop of butter on top. It's great

22. What class are you?
low. i just live on my own
Yui: Middle class? We have our own house and stuff but it's mainly because we're mostly magical beings and we built most of our stuff
Ayaka: I live with Yui so I guess middle class

23. How many friends do you have?
mainly one
Yui: A ton! We're one giant dysfunctional family and it's great
Ayaka: I'm part of that dysfunctional family

24. Thoughts on pie(what kind of question is that)
its ok. i dont likw fruits so i dont eat most kinds of pie
Yui: I'm not huge on pie but I'll have some if I'm hungry
Ayaka: I actually hate pie +uo

25. Favorite drink?
Yui: Soda
Ayaka: Hot chocolate

26. Favorite place?
my house
Yui: Anywhere outside. I'm up for anything
Ayaka: An open field with the giant sky over top of us at night when all the skies are out

27. Are you interested in anyone?
not really
Yui: In a flirtatious way yes but as far as actual love goes no, I'm taken
Ayaka: Taken

28. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Yui: Lake
Ayaka: *mumbles* I kinda cant swim sooooooooooo

29. What's your type?
i dont understand
Yui: I mainly go for personality in guys but for girls, I'm up for anything
Ayaka: I dont really know. It's just who ever catches my eye

30. Any fetishes?
Yui: Uhm... I wouldnt mind a threesome? Does that count? Surprisingly I havent tried anything kinky so I wouldnt know
Ayaka: I'm alright with BDSM +uo

31. Seme or Uke?
i dont know
Yui: I can do either or
Ayaka: Uke

32. Camping or indoors?
Yui: Camping is much more appealing to me
Ayaka: Camping indoors!!

  • Listening to: My weirdo friends make noises
  • Reading: The text on the screen
  • Watching: The beautiful computer screen
  • Playing: Still staring at that sexy screen
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water

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